Tanya Sobenina

Tanya Sobenina was born and lives in Kaliningrad (Russia). Since 2008, participates in project and exhibition activities. Member of the Kaliningrad Union of Art Photographers and Russian Union of Art Photographers, curator of the photo festival «FotON» and the autumn photo school «F-school». Lecturer in the photo production studio at the School of Creative Industries (Kaliningrad). Participant of general and personal photo projects and exhibitions.

As an artist interested in projects related to the psychological aspects, conflicts between social and individual, related to personal experience; creating with the visual language a safe space for feeling different emotions.

2020 «Preserved "In memory"», Art-Platform «Vorota», Kaliningrad
2019 «Preserved "In memory"», gallery UL, Gdansk, Poland
2018 «Two spits/Baltic spit», residence in project «Double view», Art-Platform «Vorota», Kaliningrad
2017 «Garden», MitOst festival, Slubice, Poland
2017 «48 Stunden Neukölln», Kaliningrad Art Space, Berlin
2017 «Awkward Forms», FotoDepartament, Saint Petersburg
2016 «Garden», Art-Platform «Vorota», Kaliningrad
2015 «Sincerity», Art-Platform «Vorota», Kaliningrad
2015 «Photomania», Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
2014 «Under the Sun», Kaliningrad Photo Club, Kaliningrad
2013 «Photomania», Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
2012 «White», German-Russian House, Kaliningrad
2011 «180 degrees»,Kaliningrad Photo Club, Kaliningrad
2011 «Absolute Humidity», World Ocean Museum, Kaliningrad
2009 «Photomania», Art Gallery, Kaliningrad
2008 «Airport», Kaliningrad Photo Club, Kaliningrad